2017 Winter at Chicago

I was very glad that Walter convinced me to join him to the Chicago AEA Conference.  It was a great trip with lots of fun and were full of grace!

To save a night of hotel cost (two nights costs for both of us), we left early on the 6th of January (the first day of the conference) and planed to attend the AEA afternoon sessions. Walter was so nice to do all the drivings. Unfortunately, the driving from EL to Chicago went very difficult because the temperature was very low that day, and the highway near the Kalamazoo area was all icy and slippery.   I was feeling very sleepy after taken the car-sick-pill when Walter told me we need to get off the highway. Our emergency light was on and we were driving slower than 40 miles/hours due to the severe weather. It was scary because some trucks and large sized cars were still driving at 60/hour and they could have hit us from the back. We ended up stopping for an hour and took the side routes which took more time but safer. Praise the Lord that we made it safely to both of our hotels and arrived to the AEA afternoon session just on time.  It was nice that my last minute registration was only $45 and both of us got a mug for souvenirs.

The sad part was we didn’t have time to eat  before the afternoon sessions so my stomach was making embarrassing loud noises the whole time. The last speaker at the session Walter attended was seriously overtime and an attendee hold his hand up high pretending to look at the watch but Walter found that he didn’t have one. Anyway, his act worked because Walter met me pretty soon after and we had delicious Chicago stuffed pizza for dinner.

We attended different sessions the second day and  met up for lunch at Gyu Kaku Japanese BBQ.  We were lucky to be there at happy hours and had a better than usual deal. I enjoyed the food a lot and Walter seems to like it too. The only thing that bothered us a bit was the overpriced rice! But in sum, the food were great! The afternoon sessions I attended were about teacher quality and were very interesting. It was also fun to see people who published on nice economic journals in real life. They all seemed much younger and more friendly than I thought they would’ve been. Dinner  was at Chick-Fill-A, and Walter finally redeemed his “sorry for your WEIGHT!” free sandwich. Thanks to him, I became a fan of Chick-Fill-A too! We later went to the Blue Chicago, a great place to enjoy Blues music. I was really thankful that Walter decided to take me there since it was a bit late and was really cold that day. The music was so beautiful that I wished I could stay there longer. It was Walter’s first time there and it was so great that he enjoyed it as much as I did.

We skipped the last day conference and went on a very nice date. Walter was very brave to try lots of new stuff. He has his first Dim-Sum, a Cantonese cuisine that were served in small steamer baskets. I could see that some food were a bit extreme for him, but he still tried EVERYTHING, and I was very proud of him. He then took me to the Shedd Aquarium, where I really wanted to go. The dolphins and the whales were beyond cute. They were heart-melting beautiful and I could watch them swim and play all day. I was hoping we could touch the stingray, but it was not the season for it. Walter will have to wait for another time to  play with them.

I love the memory that we’ve created together and feel very blessed to have such a great boy friend who spoiled me so much! Now I’ve bought a selfie stick, we can take more pictures together!



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